Cha Ching!

TSA agents collected more than $531,000 in cash — almost all of it in coin form, and about 6 percent of it in foreign currency — that travelers left behind at airport checkpoints in fiscal 2012, according to the most recent data provided by the agency.

That’s an increase over fiscal 2011 ($487,870) and 2010 ($409,086).

Under current rules, the TSA gets to keep the money left behind. The agency says it uses the cash “for the purpose of providing civil aviation security.”

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), is looking to change how that money is being spent.

The TSA Loose Change Act has 43 cosponsors and requires the TSA to spend all unclaimed money on lounges for members of the military and their families. As of right now the TSA is spending it slowly on their civil aviation security. It collected $531,000 in 2012, but as of March 2013 had only spent $6,500 of it. This new bill would direct the money to groups that help fund airport lounges for the military, which is described in the bill as a place for rest and recuperation for military and their families.

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